Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while

Since links to this are still out there, I just wanted to update it.

I had major tech problems with my computer that caused me to stop making the show. While those problems are fixed, I get at most 5 watches on a new video, and while it was sort of fun making the videos, there's no point if no one is watching.

As of right now there are only 2 ways I will make a new video, and I think both are unlikely.

1: I will make an episode if I get a request!
My original intention was to make this into a request show, where I look at any TV episode my viewers put me up to. To this day I have not recieved any. If I recieve one, I will make the episode, just for you!

2: I will begin to make regualr episodes if someone else does the editing.
I suck at editing. Putting together a 10 minute video was taking me up to 4 hours, and that's just editing, not including watching the show writing the review and filming it. I'm too sucky at editing to make doing regular episodes feasable, but if some stepped in to do that, I would return.

Unless one of these things happens I probably won't make more videos, unless I watch something that enrages me so much, my only outlet for it is this.

Thanks again to my regular viewers. All 2 of you.

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